Tuesday, 17 May 2011

You, Me & La Marseillaise

Couldn't focus Monday no matter how hard I tried. So, I decided to finish off several sets of miniatures which needed basing, rebasing or just a new bit of foliage here and there to tidy them up.

Somehow, rather than finishing the day with a feeling that I'd accomplished something, I seem to have merely created more work for myself! I found that these guys only have 7 not 9 bases, these other guys are missing the support bases, over there those guys bases need to be drilled for drones, where's the command for this platoon? Aaaahhh!

Then whilst applying a GW wash to some bases, I'm thinking  "this is turning out very red."  It was, I'd opened Ogryn Flesh instead of Gryphone Sepia. :-o

The effect was interesting but not as colourful as my language. And then of course, I find the buggers are a squad short anyway. More filing, more basing, polyfilla, pva, sand, undercoating......

I should have just begun a new platoon of something, anything. So to cheer myself up, I took a spare bag of mixed Critical Mass Games' Light Recon and wopped their heads off, as I'd found a pack of Peter Pig separate heads wearing French berets (no onions or garlic) lurking around yesterday evening. I also cut down the bazookery thingy so it looks more like a LAW or shortened Charlie-G. Then pleased with myself and feeling very francophile, I sang/hummed three choruses of La Marseillaise.

When finished these guys will be the 'heavy' section d'assaut to my Pig French Foreign Legion for Tomorrow's War. etc I say when, as I happened to take a head from the Light Recon and tried it on a Pig Legionnaire - Oooh la la! C'est tres magnifique! I now have a pile of headless Frenchmen too!


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