Monday, 9 May 2011

Critical Mass Games 15mm Naga

I used the Critical Mass Games sale earlier in the year to purchase a 'platoon' worth of their recent Naga (KDNA1-KDNA3) but only just taken them out of the packets for more than a cursory look this morning.

What you get are an obviously sentient and intelligent race of bipedal, humanoid reptilians. from the concept drawings I'd expected these to be a little bigger, more HALO inspired 'Brutish'. Instead, the Naga have very human proportions. If I were a Hammer's Slammers gamer these would be my 15mm Molts.

In fact, given that they are fully armoured from neck to toe, you could easily remove most of the heads and replace them with human or other alien heads to create your own dedicated Sci Fi miniatures.

Despite the lack of brutish bulk, I like these minis. The detail is very well defined. The poses have a sense of 'action' to them - none of the figures is standing bolt upright, there's a feeling of movement in their stances. They also combine really well to create 'stories' - the figures compliment each other to create mini-vignettes.

Moulding is nothing more than I have come to expect from Craig and Dale. A few 'runners' to remove from the ends of weapons but otherwise they are ready to start painting. In fact if you were in a hurry - give them an ink/wash, pick out the flesh and you can have 30 of them them on the table next night.

To sum up - a good choice if you want aliens to stand toe to toe with man or against him, without having to rely on technology or numbers to balance the scorecard.


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