Friday, 13 May 2011

"Ambush Royale": Bond AAR

Narrow bridge. Sports car doing 90. An SUV pulls up hard in front and a saloon seals him in behind. Out of each  leaps two mafiya, one with an AK, one with a pistol. As these are mooks its D6 vs, well, D12. 

D12....Bond, James Bond. Oh dear. Dead mookskis all over the shop. Home for tea and medals.

Dum Di-di dum, dum, dum, dum.........
Nah, NAH, Na-nah, Na, Na, Naaaa....
So,we  toned 007 to 4xD10 and gave the mafiya initiative. They miss. And that’s giving them 2D per AK. 007 fires back with pistol and drops the two from the SUV. Aha, 007 has to turn to face the guys from the saloon car. That sounds like surrendering the initiative to me and blam! 007 rolls low. One wound! We're going incremental so, that’s 3D10. But guess what, he blats the guy with the AK. Other guy misses and its all over bar the double tap.

OK so 007 is boxed in the bridge and the Polizi are a mere block away. Break the pencil fuse, burn the car, dive over the bridge to where the lads from the SBS have a handy cigar boat waiting……vavroooooooooooom.

Moneypenny. Dinner for two. L'Ecargot
Shaken but not stirred

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