Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vin Bladen's Secret Hideout

NewsVids across the Galaxy tonight can reveal details of the raid on Vin Bladen's top secret hideout on Plastistan I

Commandos from Imperial Navy Orca Team 6 stormed the compound. One Dropship developed a bit of a migraine and made a hard landing on an Talikabani Elvis Convention - "Death to the Infidel! Thank you very much, Uhahha. "

Imperial Navy Orca Team 6

After a 45 minute melee at the 24 hour buffet, Orca Team 6 overpowered the guards, chatted up a couple of showgirls and brought swift justice to Vin Bladen who was shot whilst resisting a prawn canope.

A spokesquid for Plastistan I issued the following official communique.... "Doh!"


 Actually........ I think I have just come up with a scenario!

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  1. At leaste someone is using this moment as a way to look at the world a little better! As an american, yes I am glad the "hunt" is over, now lets move in a more positive direction!