Tuesday, 3 May 2011

ArtCrime Productions 15mm Bulldog Jetbikes

Those of you who know me, know that I don't do the whole Jetbike thing, despite owning a full 15mm 1940-42 German Kradschutzen Company. Sure Return of Jedi Speeder Bike scene but, well that's it, except as something that lives in the realm of W40K Space Orks and High Elves.

All that has changed with ArtCrime Productions new 15mm Sci Fi Bulldog Jetbikes.

ArtCrime Productions 15mm Sci Fi
TC006 Bulldog Jetbikes

When I saw the pictures on ArtCrimes blog, to be honest I wasn't impressed. When Jimbo sent me a pack I initially put them to one side to concentrate on the infantry and Valkyries. But I kept finding myself going back, which in the end, allowed me to look at the bikes again with a more objective eye.

What you get is a one piece casting of bike, rider and stand as a single model. The rider is essentially sitting astride a jet turbine engine. The design has a hard edge that you could believe would actually work. I like it. Plus the small but important detail of the weapon fixed to the turbine casing.

Whether or not you plan to buy into ArtCrime's Fed and Nationalist armies, the Bulldog Jetbike offers a tasty stand alone model that can be incorporated into any human army for scouting, recon or rapid strike force/commando assault.

In summary, I really like the Bulldog Jetbike. Perhaps more so because I overcame any initial misgivings about jetbikes generally and 'found' it for myself.

 TC006: Bulldog Jetbikes (squad of 3) at $15

Plus I need something fast, agile and armed to chase them Sci Fi bats with! LOL!

On wednesday we'll look at ArtCrime Productions Valkyries.



  1. I like it. but I still think it should have been called a hammerhead jetbike instead.

    nice design: impressed it's single casting.

  2. The GZG New Israeli bike has a separate rider, but is longer and thinner looking - closer to the Star Wars bike. The Laserburn jetbike is stumpier, but is easier to fit alternate riders to. I'm hanging out for the JBR-designed grav bikes that CMG is supposed to release at some stage, as these look nommy!