Thursday 6 December 2012

Introducing Star Vikings from 15mm.Co.Uk

Star Vikings

15mm.Co.Uk has added a brand new science fiction range to their website - The Star Vikings. Sculpted by Richard Smith and inspired by Norse legends, here's a look at the background written by Gavin Syme for these new figures:
In the distant future of mankind a group of fanatical and evil scientists broke sacred laws by creating human-animal hybrids. These scientists and their loyal followers were forced to flee from Earth aboard several starships. They were hardy peoples coming from Skandanavia so they choose a winter world as their new home. Their numbers were few and compared to the standing armies of the empires and federations around them they were weak. To ensure their survival the mythos of the Norsemen was incorporated into their now accelerated gene beast research. This new force allowed the now Star Viking peoples to mount raids vital to their development and in time they grew strong and corrupt. Using the few human soldiers they have well most raids are carried out by the gene ripped creatures from massive factories on their world. Among them are Battle Boars of legend, Stocky Dwarves of mythos and vile goblinoids of lore. Lastly the huge Battle Giants pieced together for combat. The Star Vikings are to be some they are hailed as Devils. 

Here's a look at the first releases in this range:
The Star Vikings
Four brand new Humans in powered armour including an Officer, HW Trooper, a Melee Expert and a Trooper.  Leaders of the Star Vikings.

SVP05 Niflung Squad

Niflung - Space Dwarves
Four brand new stout shorties including an Officer, HW Trooper and two poses of Trooper.

SVP03 Wusuq Raiders

Wusuqs - Star Orc Raiders
Four brand new Orcish miniatures including Officer and Troopers.

SVP04 Battle Boars

Battle Boars
Three brand new genebeasts in fighting poses with pistols and swords.

SVP01 Battle Giants

Battle Giants
Two brand new giants, one for fire support and one for melee attacks.

These figures are all available as individual castings, in HOF-style unit packs, and as a couple of large starter sets. And as an extra incentive, 15mm.Co.Uk has a Christmas present for all of us - 20% off the Star Vikings until January 4th. I look forward to seeing these in the flesh, and in seeing what kind of paint schemes everyone comes up with for this new product range.


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  1. Some lovely miniatures there from Richard. I hope they sell well so more are sculpted!