Monday 24 December 2012

New Medical Team from 15mm.Co.Uk

15mm.Co.Uk has given Dropship Horizon a wonderful Christmas present this year! The Human Medical Team is being added to the HOF Science Fiction range - and readers of this blog have a chance to get them before the official release. See below for Gavin Syme's message.

Are you in need of a festive season wargaming recovery?  If so then has an exclusive offer for readers of Dropship Horizon blog as a wee thank you for making it a bumper year for us and for 15mm science fiction miniature gaming!
HOF86 Human Medical Team
This brand new code is not released until January 2013 but as a reader of this blog you can get it FREE in any order from for any science fiction miniatures or rules sets from one miniature to a whole army.  That’s right…totally free!  Everything you see in the picture, that is five miniatures plus the floating stretcher (worth 2.50GBP) unpainted with no bases.  This bag of miniatures will be AUTOMATICALLY added to your package, you need do nothing but place an order for sci-fi products.  This offer does not appear anywhere but here on Dropship Horizon blog and you will not see it even on our own website.  The offer runs from the moment this blog post went live on the 24th December until midnight GMT on the 1st January 2013. So get yourself a recovery treat from and have a Human Medical Team which is not even on sale yet on us and on DSH blog!
The Human Medical Team is a specialist set which is usable with any 15mm system such as HOF Fire-Team (for which it was designed primarily) or USEME or any other such as GRUNTZ or 5150.  A generic uniform which can be painted up to suit your setting, blue, green, red or anything else.  Great stuff!
Remember too that the whole new Star Vikings range is 20% off listed prices on until 4th January as well.  How is that for value! 
Gavin Syme (GBS)

Thanks, Gavin! I look forward to seeing these in person. And it won't be tough to paint them so they can be used with several different forces, depending on the setting or scenario objectives. In fact, I'm going to come up with a specific Medevac scenario as soon as I get these painted.



  1. These are really cool looking... would do great with my Doc Wagon team! In fact, they would be useful for all types of things!!

  2. Agreed they are nice and generic and would fit into most near future forces, i just placed a small order this is to good an opportunity to pass up.

  3. Wow, those do look pretty neat. Kind of sinister and corporate for your grimdark near future and cyberpunk games.

    You should come up with a freebie for readers of my blog too. They love 15mm, and even if they ALL ordered something, you'd only have to give away two or three sets ;)

  4. ooo very nice would make a good objective marker.

  5. Hello Fellow Dropship Horizon Fans!

    This offer ends tonight, so its the last chance to place an order and get the HOF Med Team for free. Check it out.

    I would like to thank all of you who have taken this offer up and make it one of our best so far. Thanks also to Chris K for agreeing to it and letting me support DSH.

    I did not think of using them as an objective marker, good idea. Very flexible for their uses and I look forward to seeing them out and about on gaming tables in all manner of uniforms. If anyone runs a sci-fi blog and wants me to look at it drop me a line at

    Happy New Year!