Friday 14 December 2012

Scouts, Dropships, Gunships, Autonomous Small Vehicles

Here are some releases from the past week - perfect gifts for the 15mm gamer in your life. Even if it's you. :)

Oddzial Osmy has added a Scout pack to the New Vistula Legion. These are designed to be point men for the NVL infantry, rather than special operators like the previous LRRP figures. The pack includes six figures in three poses.

It is available now in the US from Picoarmor and in the UK from Fighting 15s

*     *     *     *     *

The popular Titan Marines from Rebel Minis have received a new Dropship/Gunship Kit.

Rather than the separate kits seen in the Earthforce ships, Rebel Mike decided to release this kit with both the dropship's carrier pod and the extra weapon pods for the gunship. If you're clever with rare-earth magnets and your flight stand, you should be able to use your kit in either variant. The Titan Dropship/Gunship is available here, and a full gallery of Jason Moore's excellent paintup is on the Rebel Minis Blog.

*     *     *     *     *

Khurasan Miniatures has added a huge variety of Autonomous Small Vehicles (ASVs) to the Federal Army. These are robotic support vehicles about the size of a large cart, and they are available in three different battlefield roles. And each of the three types are available in wheeled, tracked, legged, or grav versions - so there is a nearly endless variety of these little guys.

The Armed ASV (pictured above) includes three different weapon systems. There is a flatbed logistics vehicle (below left), and what I think will be the most popular - a medevac vehicle (below right).

I really like these ASVs - they are a very logical "next step" for some of the battlefield drones and robots being designed today.



  1. I think we'll need a few dropships, thanks a lot!

  2. I like the look of the scouts and the dropship is awesome.

  3. One of those Dropships is on the way to me i cant wait to start converting it and adding few bits here and there, im going to add a single missile to the outer wing and then beef up that center fuselage a tad more and give it a hump giving it even more of a Hind Gunship look, lastly i might play about with the nose turret and make it a bit smaller and add a armoured power cable and sensor lense to it. Even though its a fantastic looking Dropship model im never satisfied...:)

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