Wednesday, 27 November 2013

ClearHorizon Miniatures - Early Black Friday/Holiday Hell Diver Special!

By Harold
(Disclaimer, this is a post about my own Miniatures Line)

No, it's not Santa in a drop pod, but something better!

To get in the spirit of the holidays and sales I've decided to do a Holiday Hell Divers Special!

Early Black Friday and Hell Divers Infantry Holiday Specials!

From now until December 20th we are having a Hell Divers Infantry Special

Two Packs of Alpha Squads and One Support squad is only $23USD!  That's a 15% savings! </b>

Alpha Squad:

(2) Command Figures
(2) High Energy Plasma SAW Weapons
(8) Plasma Riflemen
[12 Unique Sculpts]
Normally $10.99USD

Bravo Support Squad:

(1) Sniper Team (Spotter and Sniper)
(2) AT Teams (AT Trooper and Loader)
[4 Unique Sculpts and (2) Riflemen]

Normally $4.99USD

Normal price for the pack would be $26.97USD, on sale for $23USD!


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