Friday, 22 November 2013

Khurasan Miniatures previews new Near Future Ranges - USMC and Chi-Nippon.

By Harold

Hi everyone!  Khurasan Miniatures over on TMP previewed some really cool dollies for their upcoming near future range!

Khurasan Miniatures writes:
Here are the armless dollies for the major factions in our upcoming near future range--the USMC and Chi-Nippon.

This is the dolly for the United Systems Marine Corp. Depicted here is the hostile environment helmet but the troops will also be available with the standard duty helmet and the light duty helmet (the standard helmet with visor and mandible removed).

The chief rivals of the United Systems are the Chi-Nippon. Here's their infantry dolly.

Some really great stuff!  Can't wait to see these come out.

Check it here yo!