Monday 4 November 2013

Ion Age - Havelock Battlesuit Early Supporter Deal

Attention Dropship Passengers,

The Ion Age continues to get better and better. After just releasing teaser pictures of the awesome Havelock heavy battlesuit, Gavin and crew have got a sweet deal on the table to support their pending release of this really cool model.

This time, it's not just one deal, but two ways to get in early and get some good extras in additon to the battlesuits themselves...

This promotion runs until November 14, 2013 (the worldwide release date) and any Early Supporter orders, received before or up to that date, will ship on that date. These battlesuits are made in metal and the fabricator spire is in resin. Each battlesuit comes with a full set of weapons so you will have plenty of options for armament and quite a few left for conversions and such.

I am digging this model and even if you are not an Ion Age fan, this is a worthy addition to any scifi force that needs a stompy mecha suit. For more back story and pictures, visit the Ion Age Blog and have a read.

Hurry and don't miss out!



  1. Eli: Is this something you've sculpted?

  2. Got sooooo tempted I order two packs. Got to wait couple of week before can drool over them.

  3. Thanks everyone! Several hundred suits so far but we are on track to get all orders out on release day. One week to go on the ESO bundles before the 14th so get your order in if you want the freebies and discounts.

    The Havelock, the Fallen Havelock and the Fabricator Spire were all sculpted by Sam Croes the Ion Age's lead designer.