Friday, 29 November 2013

New Ion Age Scenery - Fabricator Spire

By Eli

Gavin and the folks at The Ion Age have released a cool new piece of scenery - the Fabricator Spire. I can see a lot of uses for this fun piece as it could easily represent everything from a rooftop comms system, generator, vaporator or even localized atmosphere processor. 

For more information on this cool scenery and its use in The Ion Age, check HERE.


  1. Alternate use: drop it among the enemy and set it to "grey goo".

  2. I remember GURPs ultratech had a section on nanobots. There were dissembler mists and something other nanobot that worked to resist it. I imagine if you didn't have nanotech and your opponent did, you wouldn't be in competition for long.

    1. That's not a competition, that's a massacre.

  3. Might be useful as a mission objective in my opinion...