Saturday 21 February 2009

The Invaders

Mike's Armed Alien Greys are now up on the Rebel Minis webstore (Click Here). The pack contains 22 assorted Alien Greys with weapons for $10.95. Shipping worldwide is just $5.00. You can see the 'greens' of these minis in my previous post.

I've already planned my first scenarios with these Grey miniatures. They are a great excuse to finally construct this HO Scale Cut & Assemble an Old Fashioned Farm set by A.G. Smith that I picked up years ago in a bookstore sale for £1.95.

It's currently around $6.00 in various online bookstores and is excellent value for money - the set includes a big farmhouse, a 'Tornado Alley' style red barn with grain silo, smokehouse, machine shed, piggery, doghouse and tons of white picket fencing! All I need to supply are a cornfield and a crop circle!

I'm sure Matchbox or similar produce a cheap and cheerful diecast Harvestor to add a bit of 'life' to the farm, but if you want to use the Greys in a 1950's style 'B Movie' game, then LKM/QRF produce a great little Case Tractor for £3.00. I want one of these anyway as it will make a nice objective marker in my Spanish Civil War games.


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