Thursday 26 February 2009

New GZG N.A.C. seen on edge of Mudd Eisley

Our intrepid Fox 5 reporter Ed Dentalfloss is tonight beaming back his report from the edge of Mudd Eisley.

"It's an ugly planet, it's a Spug planet. And I'm with the men of the 659th NAC Marines as they undertake a shaking down mission on the edge of Mudd Eisley".

"These men patrolling the streets in what has come to be known as 'Spug Alley' represent the tip of the spear.
Forged by GZG HQ, it's a new spear with a new kind of soldier offering the best that mankind cam bring to the table."

"In action earlier, under the Ambush Alley rules of engagement these tough hombres demonstrated they had the cajones to do the job. Reacting quickly to new threats as they appeared, pockets of newly hatched Spugs were eliminated as they emerged from nearby hotspots. Back at base these new boys on the block earned themselves a brew and a new nickname, the "Spugbusters!"

- Special Report on this action by Dropship Horizon Fox 5 News to follow.......

ALL NEW GZG 15mm NAC Marines
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  1. Ok.. I need these.. badly!

  2. My main problem with Jons 15mm minis is that the guns never seem big enough. The squads tend to look like they are all armed with oversized pistols not advanced assault or laser rifles.

  3. I've always looked at it as that's as big a gun as they need at that tech level.