Monday 9 February 2009

Kitbash of the Week No.3

This week, I've set myself the herculean task of painting a Cimmerian mercenary mech company in the employ of Turan (sans dismounts of course). So far, the vehicles, all Old Crow Models, have been cleaned, assembled, basecoated and drybrushed. Now I only have to decide on one of three favoured camo schemes. That's the hard part! We'll just have to see if I can pull off a clever geologically inspired paint job or whether it will look like the Rorschach inkblot doodlings of a colour blind, one eyed, drunken monkey.

Having said that, the Cimmerian rich and famous are finding that Rorschach inkblot doodlings by colour blind, one eyed, drunken monkies are retaining their value despite the recession, and so remain a necessary understatement of worth to be obsenely displayed on their dining room walls to guests similarly devoid of taste, perspective or validity.

With absolutely no bearing at all on this madness, here's another quick and easy 15mm Sci Fi kitbash. This time inspired by the first Tamiya 1/35th scale 'tank' I bought with my own pocket money as a teenager - the M42 'Duster'.

Have Gun Will Travel

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I can tell I've been on the sauce tonight....the M419 Hannam Sky Raptor. Applause please!

The hull is a QRF Modern French AMX13/90 tank. The 'turret' with rotary cannon is from GZG's V15-26A Manned Groundmount Weapons Platform with Rotary Cannon. And at only 760,000 adjusted credits, I'm sure you'll agree it's V.F.F. - "Value For Firepower!"

The M419 Hannam Sky Raptor
Not available in any shop!

When you positively, absolutely have to shoot get the idea!



  1. I like this one. Nice and simple. IMO, those make the best kit bashes.

    Looking forward to seeing it painted.


  2. Me too! Am going to give it the 'Have Gun Will Travel' Chesspiece logo.


  3. This is a good one. It could almos be used as a colonial technical or a hybrid of a agro tractor and a purchased weapons system.

  4. Hi,

    What's the mini in the pics ? Looks like it's make a great Sontaran ?