Sunday 1 February 2009

QRF 15mm Alien Bipeds

I have to say that I do like QRF's 15mm 'Alien Bipeds - Large'. Pack SF06 has three different miniatures which have animation lacking in GZG's SG15-X1. These are large, substantial and menacing figures, some 24mm to the top of the skull carapace of the tallest figure. You can see from the photo above, perfect for anyone looking at redecorating their spaceship corridors.
Pack SF05 'Alien Bipeds - Small' contains eight 12mm tall bipedal Alien Xenomorphs in two poses. These mix well with Pendraken Miniatures larger 10mm Alien miniatures and are best based in multiples as part of a 'Bug' or 'Hive Mind' army.

My own Alien Movies inspired 'Hive Mind' Army for Alien Squad Leader consists of:

8x Centurions (individually based QRF SF06 and GZG X1)
10x Warrior Bases (Pendraken and QRF SF05 based in 3's and 5's)

QRF also have a pack of 'Face Huggers', SF03 six individual figures for £1.00 and a HUGE multipiece Alien Queen, their SF07 Alien Big Mother for £6.00.

LKM Direct / QRF
SF05 - Alien Bipeds - Small
£2.00 for 8 miniatures
SF06 - Alien Bipeds - Large
£2.00 for 3 miniatures


  1. I have been reading your blog and I find it an incredibly good peace of work. Not only do you have all the vanity fair, showing off your stuff, but you also have a ton of info such as this post.

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  2. Thanks for the compliment Eli.


  3. Khurasan's are alot better