Friday 13 February 2009

Latest Sci Fi AFV's from GZG!

Jon at GZG has sent me the following news item about his latest 15mm Sci Fi AFV's!

"First off, we have some new 8-wheeled combat vehicles - the first three are a basic "battle taxi" APC, a turretted MICV and a Fire Support/Tank Killer variant with a nice long cannon. As with all our 15mm vehicle range, they are generic designs and you can use them for whatever forces you like, but we think they're especially suitable for our Eurasian (ESU) and Islamic Federation forces".

GZG new 15mm 8-wheeled combat vehicles
Fire Support/Tank Killer, turretted MICV, "battle taxi" APC

GZG 15mm 8-wheeled turretted MICV

My personal favourite, this 8 wheeled MICV could replace the Roskopf 1/87th Spahpanzer Luchs of my youth that I mentioned in an earlier post. I can already see it providing support to some new Roco Minitank Wiesals.

Jon continues..."Then, from the opposite end of the tech scale, we have some new High Tech (or should that be Ultra Tech?) Grav Armour; in a distinctly different style from our other Grav releases, these will give you a new force option if you want to do high-vs-high tech battles".

New GZG 15mm Ultra-tech AFV family
heavy tank, infantry assault carrier, missile support vehicle

"The first three items in this new "family" are a heavy tank with a huge fusion cannon, an assault infantry carrier and a missile support vehicle with two 4-round launcher units mounted in the hull. The perfect armour unit to carry and support your crack Orbital Assault Marines!"

Can 15mm Sci Fi get any sexier!

"These are all shots of some basecoated first-off castings from the new moulds; no codes or names yet, but they will be fully listed soon along with prices; the costs are not decided yet, but will probably be in the region of £6 - £7 for the wheeled vehicles and £8 - £9 for the big Gravs. As with all our 15mm range, these are ALL METAL minis in kit form, and for size reference they are all pictures on a centimetre-grid cutting mat".

Jon (GZG)

Jon will have a small number of these new vehicles at HAMMERHEAD in Newark on Sunday and they will be available online to the rest of us ground pounders in a few days time.



  1. Boy am I glad I hadn't bought any vehicles for my Manchurian Economic Combine (MEC) forces. I was going to use BTRs perhaps with turret swaps but these new wheeled vehicles will do nicely for that Mid-tech force.

  2. All the vehicles look excellent. The Fire support vehicle with outrageous gun is a must buy at Hammerhead this coming weekend :)


  3. I think the High tech looks good, but I love the low tech stuff Jon sells. It looks like I imagine near future stuff should look.

    Well done once again GZG!