Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Rebel Minis New Releases

By Eli

A quickie this week from Rebel Minis. Mike and his crew have had so many requests for bits of these shields, they have released them as their own code BITZ7 - Riot Shields for 15mm.

While not exactly science fiction, these are the sorts of bits that are perfect for future law, wasteland raiders or zombie survivors among other uses. Add them to melee armed figures or strap them to the backs of your gun armed adventurers. They would even make good kit to add to vehicles.


Also in Rebel news are the Tesla and Missile variants of the burly URSA battlesuits (on the ends of the group above). These are added to the existing variants and Mike says there are some new variants coming soon. Find these - HERE.

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  1. URSA are damn cool... I think they are from John Bear Ross, am I correct?