Tuesday 5 August 2014

Birth Month for The Ion Age

Normally, I'd have a bunch to say in a post like this, but this is best explained in Gavin's own words...

What is Coming in August 2014 Sneak Peek – 
  • The Corbal Deployable Hardpoint Kit
  • SEORC Geo Shelters Early Supporter Offers
  • From Birth to Now a Round Up of Our First Year
  • Corbal Deployable Hardpoint Released
  • 'Get your Ass to Mars' Sam Croes paints up the SEORC Geo-Shelters
  • SEORC Geo-Shelters Released
  • Castella Havelock Battlesuit Prototype and Offer!
  • Vehicle Conversion Pack Released
  • MadMechaMen and his Skylark Patrol Flyer
 Freebies in your Order

Now you know that during the whole month you will automatically get IMP12 Starvaulter Instructor in your package but that is not all.  We have been (since 30th July) and will until the end of the month put an extra great free bonus in as well.  What is that freebie?  Well its a surprise packet and it will be bigger the larger your order is but its our choice and it will be roughly ten percent of order value before postage.  It will be great though so leave it to us.

 I have put a lot of effort as has everyone else into making this month totally awesome so we all hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for all the hard work to Gavin and the crew at The Ion Age


  1. Thanks Eli. Very kind of you to pick this up and say the nice words. There is a lot coming this month.


  2. It's been a good first year; I've enjoyed seeing what TIA has been coming out with, and really like the figures I've bought.

  3. Thanks. We all work long hours and often do emailing and blogging in our own time. Kind words mean a lot to me. TIA that is a new one.