Monday 25 August 2014

Kickstarter: The Yan'drassi Invasion - New 15mm Scifi Alien Force

Pledge today here:

Our very own Eli from Loud Ninja Games is at it again with another great Kickstarter,  The Yan'drassi Invasion!

A great looking concept and very cool miniatures designs, here is what Loud Ninja Games had to say:
A new 15mm science fiction miniatures range depicting and alien force made up of several distinct species.

The Yan'drassi in an interstellar empire made up of dozens of species presided over by the enigmatic and unseen, Yan. While most of these species contribute to the collective through economic means, several species make their contribution through military service.
This project is designed to bring that fighting force to the table. The bulk of the military is made up of the diminutive Neeks and the martial Tavshar. These aliens will form the core of the Kickstarter as well. Stretch goals will introduce the brutish Horgosi and other aspects of the Yan'drassi military. 
I've pledge already and the stretch goals planned look great too. Go check it out!


  1. Hope they pan out. Loving how we're getting so many alien troops in 15mm. 6 or 7 years ago, that was a real problem.

    1. Yes, that is definitely our mission here at Loud Ninja Games.

  2. These look good ,knowing myself I'll probably end up backing them once I free up next months gaming budget.
    Just out of curiosity what happened to the Ikwen? I thought they were going to be next.

    1. The Ikwen will get released.

      The two projects have been developed around the same time frame. When I was given a chance to run a new Kickstarter, I decided that the Yan'drassi were better suited to such a project. The Ikwen will proceed along a more traditional release model.