Monday 11 August 2014

Stan Johansen Miniatures Releases a new set of Colonial Marines.

By Harold

Stan Johansen Miniatures has released a great new set of  Colonial Marines.

10 figures for $10.00

Check out their other 15mm miniatures as well, some really great sets. 


  1. I think they look pretty cool, i would really like to know the actual height of them to see if they are compatible with some character figures that i have bought recently, are they true 15mm or more 15-18mm scale creep which is pretty much the norm these days. zac

  2. Never mind the info was right in front of my eyes, 16mm tall to the eye so they are about 18mm tall i would imagine.Then i noticed the new international shipping charges of $45, I've gone all woozy again...

  3. FYI, these aren't new sculpts, these figures were originally produced by Stan many years ago for the now defunct Force XXI Miniatures.