Saturday 23 August 2014

Sale from Rebel Minis, RavenstarStudios, and ZombieSmith

Hello, JBR, here.  Yup, I'm an occasional junior editor, here, at the Mighty DH.
My humble thanks to Harold and Eli for bringing me in.

On to the news:  Rebel Minis, RavenstarStudios, and Zombiesmith are all having an End of Summer sale.

 20% off at, using the code "nocons" at checkout.
Sale is until the 31st of August.
For more details, check out Rebel's blog, at Rebelminis.Blogspot.Com


25% off at RavestarStudios until the 30th of August.
You can see Chris's offerings, including his 15mm LandCore and Horrid product line, at his blog, RavenstarStudios.

You can also email Chris at for price lists, pics, and to place an order.

Edit to Add:


ZombieSmith is also having a Summer Sale.  Thus, by extension, you can also save on their partner offerings from Flytrap Factory, as well as some tasty 15mm Quar.

15% percent off everything in the store. Use code: "summer" on checkout
Sale is completed at the end of next week (presumably Sunday, the 31st of August).


Full Disclosure:  I've done extensive freelance work for Rebel, and sculpted the Cold Navy product line that Ravenstar sells.  Just so you know.  ;)

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