Monday 18 August 2014

New Skirmish Ruleset: Five Parsecs From Home Now Available

By Harold

Nordic Weasel Games has released their latest ruleset, Five Parsecs from Home for $14.99

Salvage crews, free traders, mercenaries, bounty hunters, tax collectors, and secret agents. The fringes of colonized space are teeming with those who seek fortune, freedom, or are too crazy to fit in anywhere else.
Bounty hunters are on your trail, you're pretty sure the new girl that just joined the crew is crazy, and that battle droid you bought last week seems to be convinced it's in love. Time to lock and load. You're Five Parsecs From Home.
Five Parsecs From Home is a skirmish science-fiction game where you follow a small band of unique characters as they try to make their fortunes in the backwaters of human space. Watch your group advance from game to game, learning new skills, finding alien artifacts, and contending with everything the Fringes can throw at you.
Using the Five Men/FiveCore system, the basic game mechanics are extremely quick to learn, and incorporate elements like reaction fire and one of the simplest and fastest suppression mechanics out there.
You get fully fledged campaign rules with random events and encounters, a wide range of possible characters, enemies and opponents, and a flexible system that covers items such as psionics, trade, bluffing, and randomly generated encounters and enemies.
Look at your shelf. Pick out five miniatures you don't get to use too much. Roll up some characters, and see where it takes you.
Please note: This is an expansion for the FiveCore system. You will require a copy of the FiveCore main rules (or Five Men in Normandy) to use these rules.
I've picked up the new expansion and base rule set and I really like what i've read so far!  It's a very interesting system and I look forward to trying it soon and putting up a review.

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