Wednesday 24 June 2009

GZG: 15mm Gun Mules and Ravagers!

Jon has kindly sent me some teaser pics of his new 15mm minis, a Gun Mule with NAC crew plus 'Ravagers' - who look like they will make great gangers, survivalists, mercs, crew or bad poke in general.

GZG 15mm Gun Mule with NAC Crew

GZG 15mm Gun Mule with NAC Crew: Rear

Great looking model. It would be nice to have a 'Serenity' version with Zoe driving, Mal on the gun and Jayne on the running board - one hand holding on, the other firing his assault rifle. River could be crouching on the other running board - just looking impishly enigmatic.

GZG 15mm 'Ravagers'

More GZG 15mm 'Ravagers'

Some nice looking minis here! Got to get me a pack or two of these.

No further details are currently available. Check WWW.GZG.COM for more information.


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