Friday 26 June 2009

Khurasan Miniatures: 15mm GARN

First pic of Khurasan Miniatures new 15mm Garn courtesy of Jon:

15mm Garn (L-R: Warrior, Hvy Wpns, Commander, Warrior, Warrior)

Warrior pack contains three warriors, three assault cannon inserts, one plasma gun insert, and one flamethrower insert.

Command/HvyWpn pack contains a commander and a heavy weapon warrior, with a sprue of three inserts for the heavy weapon: laser cannon, missile launcher, plasma cannon.

I'll add my own close-up detailed pics of the castings and some comparison pics against other Sci Fi miniatures later this evening.



  1. I think these guys look great! I like the fact that Khurusan points out that not all their tech is visible (they have implanted commo, for instance). To me, these fitures look like they could be used for both "realistic" hard SF games and "Space Opera" type games. That's a great flexibility to have!

    I'll definitely be picking some of these up!