Sunday 28 June 2009

GZG June Teasers - New 15mm Building Fittings

You will remember, back in March, GZG released their V15-BLD RANGE of Sci Fi Building Fittings at SALUTE. Jon will shortly be expanding the range with packs that include a mesh hatch (ventilation shaft etc), mesh grill panel (not illustrated), and assorted wall fittings (hydraulic or electrical locks/junction boxes).

"Fight for Ventilation Shaft 47"
New GZG 15mm Sci Fi Building Fittings

I chose to illustrate the new Sci Fi fittings as space corridor furniture, simply because they are great for making 'instant', cost effective corridors.

The mesh hatch and mesh grill panels would also look good decorating space corridor floor sections, whilst the hydraulic or electrical locks/junction boxes could be used on industrial buildings, tanks and silos.

More details from WWW.GZG.COM soon.


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