Tuesday 23 June 2009

PREVIEW: Khurasan Miniatures 15mm GARN

I'm sure you are itching to know about Khurasan Miniatures upcoming Sci Fi release - 15mm GARN.

The Garn are a race of bipedal reptilian warriors. To quote the background on the Khurasan website "Hulking aliens, evolved from a species similar to the great predatory dinosaurs of Earth's distant past, Garn Warriors are a dour and aggressive race.....The Garn are a salute to the ferocious reptilian alien warriors of many Sci-Fi stories, and are suitable for any sci-fi or pulp setting".

Jon has sent me 3 different warrior castings, a Heavy Weapons trooper and a Garn Commander.

The Garn are approximately 18mm tall and almost perfect replicas of their 28mm brethen which can be seen here (28mm Garn). The detail on the miniatures, especially of the scaling is, believe me, little short of amazing. All are in advancing poses, one of the troopers with his jaw wide open is simply terrific!

The warriors and heavy weapons Garn come with separate weapons provided on a sprue. The warriors have short stubby weapons, which fit easily into the spaces provided on the figures, allowing them to be depicted 'firing from the hip'. Whilst the heavy weapons trooper has a sprue with seemingly three different weapon 'insert' choices (assault cannon, plasmathrower, flamethrower).

You can read about the Garn, their weapons and combat gear in detail on the Khurasan Miniatures website (Click here).

These aren't just Sci Fi lizards with guns. The Garn wear belts with utility pouches and carry Force Field Projector/Artificial Environment Generator packs on their backs. They are every bit a fully militarised, sentient alien species who can stand toe to toe against mankind.

If you are already wondering what armour to use with the Garn, take a look at GZG's range of Kra'Vak AFV's; SG15-31A/SG15-32A/SG15-33A and possibly SG15-34A also.

No details of pack composition or prices yet. Comparison photos of Garn with popular figs from other manufacturers will be posted in due course.



  1. People could use those GZG vehicles, or of course they could always use the Garn war raft, coming later this year, specially designed for the Garn! Like their personal defense, their vehicle defense also relies on a combination on sturdy construction and force field tech. The vehicle will have an open air feel (no armoured walls/roof, an open turret) but will be equipped with multiple large force field generators. It will be a grav vehicle, bringing the Garn down to planetfall -- without walls!

  2. ps:

    The Garn will be sold in two packs --

    Warrior pack with three warriors, three assault cannon inserts, one plasma gun insert, and one flamethrower inserts. The assault cannon is the basic infantry arm of the Garn warriors.

    Command/HW pack with a commander and a heavy weapon warrior, and a sprue of three inserts for the heavy weapon: laser cannon, missile launcher, plasma cannon.

  3. Thanks for the update Jon!