Wednesday 24 June 2009

GZG: New Stuff, Birthdays and Special Deals!

Received from Jon at GZG......

First a quick heads-up to let you all know that there is more NEW STUFF coming very shortly (some of it in the next couple of days) - this will be our first group of new releases for a couple of months, since the huge new batch we did immediately before Salute and Triples - over that time we've been catching up with some other stuff that needed dealing with, and now we're getting back on track with plenty of new releases to come. Watch my news posts on the website at <> to see them as soon as they are ready.....

The other thing is that it is SUMMER DEAL TIME again! Now, in a couple of weeks (10th July, to be exact) it is my Birthday.... normally I wouldn't mention this, but this year is my 50th (it's also almost 25 years since I first started GZG - so I've now been doing this for pretty much half my life!), so I felt it needed something special to celebrate the milestone!

So, from Wednesday 24th June until my Birthday on 10th July, ALL orders placed with us will get FREE EXTRA MINIS added to the order - even small orders will get a little extra something thrown in, and orders over £50.00 will get a whole goodie bag of free stuff - the more you order, the more freebies you'll get. The free stuff will be to OUR choice, but we'll make sure it is relevant to whatever you have ordered - and you might even get some limited-production bits and as-yet-unreleased items in there!

In addition to the freebie stuff offer, we're doing one more thing - ALL orders placed during the offer period (24th June - 10th July) will get the chance to WIN a special gift - the winner's choice of either a Full Thrust Megafleet box (worth £50) or a 15mm Battle Force deal (worth £60)! The winner will be drawn at random on July 11th, and notified by email so they can choose their prize (yes, you can choose the nation/force that you want as well as choosing between FT ships and 15mm forces!). The prize will of course include FREE shipping to anywhere in the world.

One final note, both myself and Paul, my staff member, are taking just a week of holiday in July - so GZG will be CLOSED for one week from the 11th to the 19th July - we will still be accepting orders online, but nothing will be processed and shipped in that week. As soon as we re-open on the 20th we will get any backlog cleared as fast as possible. Please note that this means that any orders placed right at the close of the Summer Deal offer above will NOT go out until we're back, so please get your orders to us before that if you can!

Thanks for reading, and for all your support - if you keep buying the stuff, we'll keep bringing it out!

Thanks for the announcement Jon!


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