Saturday 27 June 2009


Thanks to Jon at GZG I'm now the proud owner of his new 15mm 'Ravager' miniatures.

The 'Ravagers' come in two different sets, each pack containing 2 each of 4 different sculpts. The miniatures are lovely sculpts in the flesh (believe me, better than they appear in the photos), approximately 16mm to 16.5mm from sole to eye level. To my mind certainly some of the best 'civilian' figures from GZG to date.

As you can see from the photos below, they can be used as the denizens of a thousand starports; criminal elements, gangers, tramp starship crew, space pirates, heroes, sidekicks and villains. They are really versatile miniatures and can even be utilised as modern day survivalists or Zombie Hunters.

Detail? Well, look for yourself. I think it's comparable with any 28mm from Hasslefree or Heresy Miniatures! Click on the photos for a larger image...

GZG 15mm Ravagers

Figure A: Bald head (or headscarf/skullcap) with a scar or bionic implant on the right side of his forehead. The detail of the folds in the back of his coat is well done. He will make a perfect space pirate captain or petty crime lord.

Figure B: Bald head again, but this time with a small tuft of hair on his forehead in ska-punk fashion. There's a handle of a knife or cosh tucked into his right boot.

Figure C: A very curvy female character dressed in a cropped top. There's even goggles on her forehead. She would make a welcome addition to any ship's crew, or become a great survivalist, adventurer or Zombie hunter figure in the mould of the Resident Evil babes. A quick conversion giving her a chainsaw would turn the miniature into a fair representation of Hasslefree's Ashlee.

Figure D: Better in 3D than the photo may suggest, this guy has dreadlocks and a goatee and is oozing character! He actually makes a good Samuel L Jackson lookalike "When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherf**ker on the starship!"

More GZG 15mm Ravagers

Figure A:
Very feminine figure with attitude and a shotgun!

Figure B: Shoulder length hair wearing a long coat which again has excellent folds that will lift the miniature out of the ordinary once painted and will repay careful wash/shading. Makes a good character figure.

Figure C: Wearing a skull cap with a more asian, african or face. Armed with an assault rifle.

Figure D: Once again a great character figure for RPG's and individual skirmish gaming.

How do the Ravagers stack up against other miniatures? Fine, and they compliment each other well too. Here you see them next to a Rebel Mini's Earth Force Marine and a GZG UNSC Hard Suit Marine.

GZG 15mm Ravager vs Khurasan Miniatures Garn Warrior

Can't wait to paint the Ravagers and get them on the table, but even with just an ink wash they look incredible and detailed enough to game with! At long last I feel that there are figures which surpass Citadel Miniatures classic Traveller Set1: Adventurers and Set 4: Citizens. These GZG minis have lifted me from the doldrums and make me want to play Traveller again. If only they had been available 25 years ago!

UPDATED....30th June........actual pack contents:

GZG SG15-X06: £2.50

SG15-X07: £2.50



  1. Very cool minis, and great photos. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow, just wow. These are truly amazing.

    However, I really wish GZG would just sell us a pack of 4 with a higher per figure price. I'd pay 3.75 GBP for 8 individual figures.

    That said, I'll still pick these up at the current pricing model. It's just irritating.