Monday, 31 August 2009

Incoming Transmission..... GZG 15mm Wheeled Mini-Drones

The new GZG Wheeled Mini-Drones previewed on Saturday (click here) will probably be on the webstore this week.

GZG 15mm Mini-Drones

I like what Jon has done to display them! I'm tempted to mount them like this myself. I'm now planning to collect a dedicated force of these to use in conjunction with UAV's, aerial drones and MAWPs. Perhaps occasionally a (very) small human force can accompany them on the tabletop for recce, patrolling, escort and screening mission games.

V15-69A Wheeled drone with autocannon
(pack of 3) £2.50

V15-69B Wheeled drone with missiles
(pack of 3) £2.50

V15-69A Wheeled drone with recon/sensors
(pack of 3) £2.50

15mm Sci Fi just gets better and better. Thanks for the intel Jon!


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