Saturday, 22 August 2009

Rebel Minis - 15mm Mall Cops

I WANT these! Rebel Minis have pulled a blinding flanker with this neat little character pack of 15mm Mall Cops!

Rebel Minis 15mm Mall Cops
RMMC1 $3.99 for 7 unique miniatures

Each pack contains 7 unique Mall Cop sculpts for $3.99. I love the guy with coffee and donut (second from left).

These Mall Cops are not only perfect for Modern police, combat and Zombie games, but also will I'm sure, find a place in many starports and downtown on 15mm Mid-Tech worlds.

Nice one Mike! Available NOW from:



  1. Cool figures but I feel I need to ocmment on the historical innacuracy of these figures. There isn't a tall lanky guy with a penciled on mustach or a heavyset gent among the lot of them. :)


  2. Im loving the donut munching one with a cup of coffee! I may have to order a pack of them!

  3. seeing how i have just finished season 2 of Hill St Blues on DVD, this is just such timing. Be careful out there...

  4. These are cool. I didn't think I'd need these until I actually saw them. Now one more thing added to my list. *sigh* my poor every empty wallet. : )

  5. I really like the guy with the cup of coffee. I am going to have to get some of these! Great blog too! I'll be watching!