Saturday, 29 August 2009

Latest Intel........ Rebel Minis New 15mm Sci Fi Infiltrators and Titan Marines

I am really pleased to be able to preview these two new sets of 15mm Sci Fi miniatures from Rebel Minis. My thanks to Mike for providing the intel!

First up 15mm Sci Fi Infiltrators. Six unique Ultra-Tech Nano-Suit infantry, special forces or operators. I believe they will be packaged as 21 assorted miniatures for $10.95.

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi INFILTRATORS

I've been waiting expectantly on these and am not disappointed! I've placed a pre-order with Mike for two packs immediately to use variously as Ultra-Tech Grav Mech Infantry, dismounted Grav armour crew, downed dropship pilots and Spec Ops.

Mike hopes to be receiving stock of the Infiltrators next week. Keep an eye on Rebel Minis website for updates.

I'm also pleased to be able to share this WIP green of Rebel Minis upcoming Titan Marines.

Rebel Minis 15mm Sci Fi TITAN MARINE WIP

There's something retro Sci Fi, WWW2 or even post apocalyptic about this Titan Marine miniature. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete range.

For more details and availability, check out:



  1. Mass Effect? Commander Sheppard has landed!

  2. I like the infiltrator figs a lot.

    Hope they make some with long guns too.

    The Titan reminds me of Samurai Armor, so might make for Japanese Corporate Marines with guns.

  3. Those are pretty cool, but the way the straps come down the front looks like Borat wearing his "Mankini". Maybe it's just me.