Thursday 20 August 2009

Master Chef On Deck......Military Away Team

Master Chef here. Marines! Take a knee!

Critical Mass Games new recruits certainly pass the muster. I can see the Head Shed's idea for Light Recon Troopers and Augmented battle Suits at the ends of the spectrum but two additional troop types in the middle? I hope they are all issued the same standard issue boxers or the supply chain will be gone to FUBAR and back!

But I say, more recruits equals more BUG FODDER to draw out them bugs so I can take 'em down!

Now, what I'd like to see in my command are some FORCE RECON SCOUTS. A pack of miniatures that represents an away team on a "gone to jawashit mission" - guys with longs are trying to give cover to the techie whose trying to bring in the gunshuttle....

On my HUD this translates into Scouts in jumpsuits, ranger caps like those damn fine 28mm Viridian Marines, but with visors or shades, in the following poses:

- Standing, firing combat shotgun. legs braced into a half crouch, blasting from the shoulder.

- Kneeling, fiddling with tech array with one hand, holding mini smg/gauss carbine in the other.

- Crouching fring mini smg one handed, (possibly ready to throw grenade in other or bracing firing arm).

- Standing / crouching firing ACR (with sights, suppressors all the bits) from the shoulder.

uestion is.....Is it just me that likes the idea and which of our current embarassment of manufacturers would be most amenable to suggestions?

Master Chef


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  2. I have always wondered why we don't see this sort of thing in 15mm scifi. The historical side of things seems to pull it off.

    Are they hard to sculpt? Do they not sell?

    I'm curious,


  3. There does seem to be a tendency for 15mm sci-fi to equip many of the available ranges with tons of armour and assault rifles so it would be a definite plus to have some light scout types with carbines and some sneaky poses.

    Some decent robotic scout drones would be good too!

  4. LB, Join the discussion on drones etc here on TMP: