Saturday, 29 August 2009

Latest Intel.....GZG Alien Mercs, Part Deux

If there's only one pack of Alien Mercs
you must buy this summer....

GZG Alien Mercs II

GZG 15mm Sci Fi Alien Mercs (II)

SG15-X08, price £5.00 for 12 figures

Following up the success of his first pack of Alien Mercs, and listening to customer feedback, Jon at GZG has commissioned a second set of sculpts to compliment and add variation to the miniatures in the initial release (click here).

GZG 15mm Sci Fi Alien Mercs (II)
Khurasan Corporate Marine for comparison

Pack Contents: (L) X4, (Centre) X2, (R) X6

These are really nice miniatures and even just these 3 minis on their own make a brilliant cameo. The central figure wears goggles and his sidekicks goggles and WW1 fighter ace style 'flying helmets'.

I think they are better than the initial Alien Merc release and will easily find a place on many tabletops in Sci Fi shoot-outs, boarding actions and similar skirmish games. More than ever they've convinced me to paint the Khurasan Corporate Marines as Galactic Cops.

Jon has said that
combined with the original SG15-X05 pack, SG15-X08 will create a platoon-sized unit of 24 figures with a 'Boss' to lead each "squad", a heavy weapon for each squad (in the SG15-X05 pack) and a mix of three poses of basic grunt.


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  1. This is good news, I've just got my pack of the original Alien Mercenaries in the painting cue. The new lads will be very welcome.