Friday 14 August 2009

CMG Arc Fleet....Hot in My hands!

Being Friday, I'm taking the later train this morning so I get 20 miniutes of peace and quiet to myself. Did I say peace and quiet....the kittens are on a tear.....Grrrrrrr!!!!

Gives me just about enough time to let you know that Craig has been kind enough to send over some sample Arc Fleet miniatures which my father-in-law picked up from the village post office yesterday which he dropped off later last night.

I'll write a separate full review for each of the Light Recon, Drop Trooper and Augmented Troopers over the weekend. But, for now, let me say that the actual miniatures are superior in your hands than they are in the photos.

Some of my reservations about the odd mini here and there proved right but others were groundless and simply a by-product of macro photography. Overall, they are just great. So much detail! But I have to go to work......More later.



  1. Just got a note from Craig that my pre-order is shipping today rather than the 20th, so that makes me very happy. Nice of him to start sending these out early. Can't wait to see how these look.


  2. I was not sure we would have enough stock till the 20th but as it was it all turned up a couple of days ago. We have spent the last few days packing and Dale and I concluded there was no point keeping you all waiting.
    Thanks for the support, Craig.

  3. Sounds good. Looking forward to reading the review.