Monday 24 August 2009

'O' GROUP.......Light Recon Orbats for FWC


Took some time out yesterday to organise my first batch of Critical Mass Light Recon figures for Future War Commander.

(Arid/Desert scheme)

This force will be a High tech company. I've decided that these troops have AI integral to their unit structure, so each base will have two Light Recon figures and a human-sized armed AI walker.

I tried out several different AI walker miniatures with the Light Recon figures, including GMM-42 Medium Mecha Units from GZG’s 2mm range. When combined with infantry on the same base the walkers really do make a bold "Sci Fi" statement!

Because of the additional firepower inherent within each platoon, I'm aiming at 4 bases per platoon and 2 platoons to the company. I don't think it would be unreasonable to have 2 smaller but powerful companies rather than a single 4 platoon monster.

(Mountain/Snow scheme)

Organised in a similar fashion to the above, but with only one base of AI walkers per platoon. They will be supported by GZG Palladin Tanks.

(French Camo scheme)

This time, a generic 'light' company with 3 figures to a base, 3 bases to a platoon and 3 platoons to the company. They will be supported by a heavy platoon of 3 GZG Wheeled MAWPs and 3 GZG UAVs.

The Light Recon miniatures within each platoon will be based as follows: ‘Scout’ base (including sniper), ‘Support’ base (including rocket launcher) and ‘Assault’ base (figs in assault poses).

Finally but not least....
Fleet Recon

A recon platoon of 2 Old Crow Grav Outrider Scout Cars (with GZG missile pod upgrades), 2 'ultra' recon bases of converted Light Recon figures and 4 GZG UAVs.



  1. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I don't have the greatest knowledge on all thing militaria, but i don't see why recon platoons wouldn't be smaller than thier bigger brother battle platoons.

    The AI walkers really make the base. And for story, the walkers can be sending intel back to the main force. Nice.

  2. Hi!

    I like the look of the combined AI and regular infantry force structure. It makes for a really different looking squad!

    I cant wait to see them painted up!

  3. I beat my head against the wall trying to organize FWC

  4. Looks cool. I like the conbination of the robots with the infantry, though if it were me I might be tempted to base the robots seperately so I could send them out ahead of the flesh and blood.


  5. Glad you guys like the concept of combined AI/regular infantry force structure.

    I'm utilising separate AI models for Tomorrow's War but for FWC I deliberatley wantto depict these AI & Infantry as a single tactical entity.