Friday, 30 October 2009

HALO: First Strike

I blame that Jon fella at GZG. Those all new New Israelis, got me thinking about painting some up as all new HALO Spartans. Like I need more Spartans! Between the GZG New Israelis and Critical Mass Augmented Drop Troops I have enough, surely I have enough.

Picked up two HALO inspired novels by Eric Nyland, HALO: First Strike and HALO: Fall of Reach. I expected little more than "good train reads", but have really enjoyed First Strike, which has also provided several scenario ideas. It's actually made me look forward to the morning train journey!

I do still have issues with Spartans - Earth's ultimate warriors - called Fred and Linda, but First Strike has been a cracking read so far. Cortana the AI of the XBox game gets a very meaty role in this book. I'm very impressed with how Nyland has developed her AI character through exploring the technology that makes her possible. Overall this would make a brilliant Sci Fi movie.


1 comment:

  1. 15mm Sci-Fi minis are like potato chips (crisps for you English chaps/ladies), or Dorito's (corn chips).

    You can't just have one, or two.....

    More is better.

    Just wait until the new UNSC troops are released. I imagine you will be wanting some of those too.