Thursday 8 October 2009

Harkonnen Sand Troopers

More painting....this time 'Harkonnen Sand Troopers'

This is the fastest fully opaque paint job I've done to date. 8 GZG FSE (?) figures in 45 minutes! The idea is for the troopers to look 'worn' and with this in mind I've 'distressed' the armour.

1) Undercoat: Citadel Iyandun Dark Sun
2) Liberal wash of Citadel Devlan Mud (before the undercoat was fully dry)
3) Heavy Drybrush of Vallejo Iraqi Sand
4) Citadel Boltgun Metal for paint chips and heavily worked areas.

Still have to paint the hands, drybrush the boots, and use a bright red highlight on the visor. Not sure the distressing works on miniatures this small to be honest, but they do look magnificently 'campaigned out'.

Must add some badges and insignia to add character to the models.

Vallejo Iraqi Sand is brilliant. I'll take better photos over the weekend once the platoon is completed.



  1. If you think Iraqi sand is good, try Vallejo Buff. I use it for universal weathering/dry brushing duties. It's fantastic.