Saturday 3 October 2009

Commendation for

OK Marines, Master Chef here - with a glowing commendation to hand out.

It had come to my attention (Radio 4 listeners can read that in Mitch Benn's voice if they like) that Alien Squad Leader had been revamped. OK, Chief Hannam had been muttering "ASQL 2" like some deranged Buddhist mantra and so, when thursday afternoon in work turned into "Hell O'Clock" I rang up in their Highland Lair and ordered a copy. Apparently, I'd missed the post run for the day but he'd see if he could drop it off in the post on the way home. Come saturday morning at chez chef and postie drops off one copy of ASQL v2.0 - with a note inviting me to enjoy the rules and they'd be charging the credit card later - so not only had they posted it out ultra pronto, they'd done so in preference to getting payment.

Now, I know that it is a commonly held belief, supported by strong evidence, that if you even think of buying GZG stuff, Jon has it in the post for you but I have to applaud here - much as it is at odds with the gruff, uncaring persona that I cultivate. But this is really good stuff by a manufacturer with some nice figures and in the plethora of new shiny stuff by groovy new firms - it was the old Laserburn stuff, the TTM range that was all we had for a long time. That range held the line for a long time and we shouldnt forget that.

So, well done, good work, Marine!

Right that's it; get off my deck or give me 50 NOW!

Master Chef


  1. Totally agree. They are great people and have given me excellent service. When one order was incorrect they sorted it out and even threw in a free pack of figures as an apology. They also sell the Laserburn figures, most of which I think still stand up well beside more modern sculpts. Huzzah for!

  2. All my dealings with have been great also.