Monday, 25 January 2010

Breaking News...Zod Commandos Raid MacReady's

Tonight's Burns Supper game of Ambush Alley - Haggis, Neeps & SPUGS - was interrupted by the following GZG NewsVid.......

Here is a BADASS new piece of terrain from Jon at GZG - Colonel Eli of the 56th Regina Lift Cohort says "Those LV-426 model commercial units work well as everything from a noodle shack to a paymaster's booth for a merc base. My boys like some R&R down at MacReady's Bar".

An incredibly versatile piece for your Sci Fi tabletop pictured with Jon's new UNSC Light Troopers.

The "Colony Bar" will be available in Feb. The rest is available NOW:

SG15-U20 UNSC Light Infantry in Advanced Combat Armour, Rifles Pack A (8 figs, 2 each of 4 poses) £2.50

V15-ACC20 Large Cargo Containers (pack of 3) £5.00

V15-ACC21 Medium Cargo Containers (pack of 6) £5.00

V15-ACC22 Small Cargo Pods or Bins (pack of 6) £2.50

Should all be on the GZG website within the next day or so. Stay tuned for more.......



  1. Holee! It's like I don't even need to play with my 20mm toys anymore... When will the avalanche of cool stuff stop? Where do those crates and boxes come from? Can I have curry over my prawn noodles to go?

  2. I will definitely be grabbing some of those!

  3. Now I can put 'er in doors shop on the gaming table - happy birthday dear!

  4. Hoolllllyyyyyyy shite !!!! That stuff is simply georgeous !!


  5. Why not available in Jan for those of us with discount coupons from Xmas orders?