Tuesday 26 January 2010

Four Sushi's To Go!

Another photo of Jon's awesome 15mm Sci Fi 'Colony Bar', coming in Feb and a better shot of those Cargo Containers and Pods/Bins which are available now and should be on the GZG webstore anytime soon.

V15-ACC20 Large Cargo Containers (pack of 3) £5.00

V15-ACC21 Medium Cargo Containers (pack of 6) £5.00

V15-ACC22 Small Cargo Pods or Bins (pack of 6) £2.50

The 'Bar' is 50mm by 70mm. Assuming nominal 1/100 scales out at 5 x 7 metres, or around 16 x 23 feet.




  1. That's awesome!

    I really must look more into trying 15mm sci-fi out...


  2. Wow, just wow. Must have for 2010.

  3. any word from John when the next wave of the NASC trrops will be released? I am going to wait on my next order so I can pick up what I assume will be the second infantry set, command set, suppport wpns sets.

    And I now officially love the New Israeli's.

    I think I will buy some Rebel Mini's Maerkava 5's and remove the tracks and make them grav vehicles.

  4. That's going to replace the old "Clambo's Pub" as the newly renovated "Clambo's Pub" on Dinom.