Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Critical Mass Games - New Mercs On The Block

There's more alien scum heading for the streets and bars of Mudd Eisley......

These greens are very much WIP and so new that Craig and Dale haven't had a chance to name the different aliens.... so to celebrate a year of blogging, Dropship Horizon is giving you the opportunity to:


"Look, do the right thing. Give yerself a break, gain a little immortality even. It's not snitchin'. We knows they's Mercs. All we are askin' is that you tell us who these fellas are and where they came from. That's not too much to ask...."

More details tomorrow night - Critical Mass Games have a busy release schedule throughout the Spring. Craig can't set any promises but is confident the new Mercs will be out before June.



  1. "I got the names of these guys, all of them, it goes right up to the Governor. The one on the left is.... PHUTTT....PHUTT PHUTT....."

    Thats all the Scaleys got from the surveillance drone.

  2. Snakemen! Now, this might be good mini to use for an X-Com game! :)