Tuesday, 12 January 2010

INCOMING!.......Battle of Mt Hilinabox, After Action Report


"Yes, well Mellisa, I started Dropship Horizon a year ago today. 365 posts later....."


Imperial Military Sources are have announced the succesful capture of Mt Hilinabox - the major defensive feature overlooking Occupied Port Johnson on Campo 592.

Mt HBX as it has become known, divided the front in two. Heavily cratered McMinsey plateau to the West and the open grassland of the Flymoh District to the East - to the North lay Port Johnson. HBX has been held by Sword World Rifle units for many months as Imperial Ground Forces built up to attack. In the early hours of this morning, conducting a night assault, a four platoon strong company of Imperial Aslan attacked HBX, proceeded by a swift track mortar barrage which weakened the advance enemy positions.

No.s 1 and 2 platoons then shot in 3 and 4 who, led by Clan Sgt Maj G'ngr Moghi overran the Sword Worlders. The Aslan then came under fire from other Sword Worlders dug into a saddle in the middle of HBX. These were then fired at, pinned down and assaulted by No.3 and 4 platoons, the CSM again leading the way and putting the enemy to flight.

Sworld World command was slow to respond - concerned this was a feint - but local reinforcements now reached the crest of HBX and put 3 and 4 platoons under fire. Seemingly unable to pin the enemy by fire, CSM Moghi led repeated close assaults on the flanks of the Sword Worlders all of which were repulsed and casulaties rose - the attack was stalled.

Meanwhile No.s 1 and 2 platoons had moved up and began firing on the Sword Worlders on top of HBX. On the right, 4 platoon could just make out Port Johnson in the early light! The enemy was, in part, pinned by fire and No.3 supported by No.1 platoon charged; they were repulsed and 3 platoon forced out of action. Another assault drove home, leaving one Sworld World position blocking HBX.

A furious volume of fire was put out by the Aslan, pinning the Sworld Worlders, CSM Moghi led the way again, No. 2 platoon attacking while 1 struck the flank. Still the Sworld Worlders held but a final burst of fire from 4 platoon added to their plight and yet another fang, claw, sword and bayonet charge by the Aslan did the job.

With HBX cleared, Imperial units dominated Port Johnson and the Sword Worlders formally sought terms. Campo 592 has been recovered for the Imperium!



Game Notes:

Played with ASQL2.0

Aslan - 4 units of 4 bases of Regular Infantry with aiming devices, Moghi, ferocious warrior character. The Aslan Light Armour never showed up because........err, forgot to roll for it.

Sword Worlders - 2 coy.s of 4 units with 4 bases each, of which 3 were withheld by Command (hah) and 1 positioned in the Port, giving fire support to HBX.

So it boiled down to 50/50 with the terrain (bad going, rocky) giving lots of problems for shooting.

OK, so it was really one of the Mountain Battles from the Falklands Conflict with Aslan as the Brits, but as a test of the rules it stood up well - it was a nail biter at the end as if either side lost another base it was game over and the Aslan had one unit (No.4 platoon) on two hits...... CSM Moghi has been deemed to have rolled a 12 on his decoration roll, BTW!

CSM Moghi
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  1. It's been a good year. New friends, great fun and a lot of good news. You have likely been responsible for many purchases as well as the creation who knows how muhc in the way of domestic unrest :)

  2. Congratulations on a fantastic first year. Your blog has very much become the 'go-to' news source for what's happening in the 15mm SF field. Looking forward to Year 2.


    PS Did you ever finish painting those Spugs you were working on back in February of last year?

  3. Thanks very much for the blog. With the way you've been running this beast i'm shocked it's only a year old. If it wasn't for this little endeavour of your's i'm not sure i would have made it into 15mm Sci-Fi. So thanks, thanks very much.

  4. A great Blog Mark. I look forward to the coming year :)

  5. Yes, kudos to you, Mark... for showing me a new way to Sci-fi.

    As to the BatRep, Alien Imperial vs. ?, using the Hero rules I'm guessing?

  6. Must be some kind of relativistic year; this blog is much too advanced to be only 365 days old!
    Congratulations on inspiring gamers and manufacturers alike.
    There is no way I would have given this scale a go without the venerable DS Horizon leading the way.


  7. Well, it's been fun throwing my 1MCr into the proceedings, and Dropship has actually made me focus more than I usually do!

    Re the Bat Rep, yes, Alien Imperial, with the Sword Worlders as a fairly generic Human force. Having moved from a SF version of PBI, to FWC and finally settling on ASQL (via large volumes of cups of tea and chinwagging with Mark) I now need to work out just what Traveller forces look like in ASQL.....

    Per Dropship Ad Astra!

  8. Congratulations on the anniversary Mark.

    It doesn't seem possible that a year has already gone by.

    Clambo has some TO&E's for Traveller on his site, and I have run across some others as well, occasionally. Definitely worth a look there, as well as the CT-Striker Yahoo Group.

    No doubt, if there aren't TO&E's there, others will be able to identify where they might be found.

    Best regards,