Monday, 11 January 2010

Götterdämmerung.... Weird Nazis.... & Purplebellies

What is all this "Weird Sci Fi Nazi Domina" stuff anyway?

Answer: Fun way of reusing a lot of tired WW2 kit and creating an additional Low-tech Sci Fi army.

Plus, Sci fi Germans are very useful as Purplebellies! The clearest view of an Alliance Purplebelly in Firefly is in a flashback to the Unification War in The Message. Definitely Weird Reich territory.

Went back to work on Friday and was promptly sent home again. I worked from home today and as a consequence do finally feel better and will go back in tomorrow over "Donkey Cough!" at last.

A very real benefit of working from home in cash terms is saving myself twenty 'squid' on train fares and something for lunch, so I've reinvested £3.18 ($4.99) on the GEAR KRIEG German Walker Compendium 1 (Loki).

I'm not into Gear Krieg per se, simply bought this book for the eye candy if I'm honest with you and will probably never read the text. Was it worth that instant gratification that only a pdf can bring? Oh yes! Worth it for the photos of superbly painted 15mm WW2, Weird Reich and Gear Krieg kit by the talented Agis Neugebauer. And I've picked up some nice little touches of inspiration for my own Götterdämmerung collection.

What you get for your money is a 26 page book that's very professionally produced. When you purchase from Wargames Vault you will get a full colour download, a B/W copy to download, and a set of Unit Stats also. The latter has even more colour photos of individual German walker variants.

The very last photo in the Compendium made me want to go back into Wargames Vault and download the Rapid Fire! Battle of the Bulge scenario & mini campaign book ($17.50). Save that for another day perhaps.


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