Wednesday 22 September 2010

Hot Landing...... TOMORROWS WAR pre-release PDF


This is a pre-release version of TOMORROW'S WAR and requires Force on Force to play. Shawn at Ambush Alley Games is providing a bundled version of  TOMORROW'S WAR and Force on Force at the very reasonable price of $20.  TOMORROW'S WAR on it's own is $15.

This PDF contains all the rules needed to play gritty, "realistic" science fiction miniatures games and includes sample vehicles, unit organizations, and four original scenarios.

I have the full beta rules - but even so I'm still bloody impressed by this PDF release! 



  1. I purchased FoF and Tw. I am very impressed with the lay out and design of the PDF's.

    Good Job Shawn and the AAG gang!

    Mel Beard
    Force XXI Miniatures

  2. Any chance of a warts-n-all thorough review?

  3. I've been waiting for this for a few years now and typical, i'm broke.
    I'm very upset about this :-(

  4. Pick this rules set up, and its worth the wait. Looks really good.

  5. I had three initial reactions within the first few seconds of buying and skimming these rules...

    1) This looks fantastic, and includes more sci-fi elements than I've ever seen in a rulebook. I want to play this.
    2) I don't own any D8s or D12s, so I'll have to shop first.
    3) My printer is going to explode... over 100 pages of this and 150 of Force On Force.

    I'll get it printed soon enough, but I'm sure it will be awhile before I'm able to really put it to the test. I'll have to make due with FUBAR and USE ME for now, while I take the time to read these more thoroughly.


  6. I'm getting my copy ring bound this afternoon... Lovely ruleset and some really pretty minis from Piers Brand. Can't wait for the hardcover.