Sunday 5 September 2010

In the Pipe..... Khurasan 15mm Spacers

Coming dirtside near you soon is Khurasan Miniatures upcoming 15mm, yes 15mm, Sci Fi Spaceship Crew, tooled up and ready for adventure aboard ship or planetside.

Khurasan Miniatures 15mm Sci Fi
Spaceship Crew  greens

Jon had this crew of characters sculpted a a companieon set to his beautiful Dropship/Spacecraft. These characters what I would have expected had Kev at Hasslefree turned his hand to 15mm. What can I say? I'll leave you supply the adjectives!

I love the Space Opera matinee look of our heroic space jockey. The early model Android matches my mental image of Marvin from the original 1978 radio series of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. But most of all, this is a must have set of miniatures for the cheeky mechanic with baseball cap turned backwards, ready to fix that troublesome Gurtsler engine or trade for spares in the dirtside Tech-hive markets!



  1. Very nice! I'm just getting into 15mm medieval/fantasy myself, so naturally the scale doesn't throw me in the slightest.

    Those figures have a very nice "Serenity" vibe about them...

  2. Looks cool! And it follows the usual good Khurasan standards! :)

  3. Very cool little chaps. Will certainly be adding them to an order in the future!

  4. Can't believe they are just 15mm.
    When I think "15mm are nice and all but can't match 28mm beauty" then comes Khurasan and other producers and demontrate the exact opposite, leaving me just my poor painting skills to blame for lack of fine details!

    After having a look in their site I am sure Khurasan Minis will be my next 15mm order.

    The only problem is choosing between what they have... they got plenty of incredibly detailed minis and also full of imagination.
    I think I will wait a bit aand merge together the Sci Fiu bears, this guys above and their post-apo barbarians!

    Hope to have something from them on my little blog soon!