Tuesday, 6 December 2011

15mm Body Bags from The Scene

The Scene have just released some 15mm Body Bags. The pack will consist of 3x 15mm body bags, one open and two closed  and will retail at 80p per pack. The pictured body bags are based on UK 1 pence pieces. On their own they seem a little macabre but Mike has said there'll be more in January with zombies busting out of the bags! It sounds like they'll make some great objective markers or spawn points for 15mm zombie games...


The Scene will be releasing some wasteland warriors before the end of this week, along with some small robots. Mike is also planning on releasing some drones, more building accessories, new special forces and some more wasteland warriors in between Christmas and New Year!


  1. Very cool little release, and I'm looking forward to the rest! The closed bags would be useful as tank stowage, if one wasn't a zombie-horror player.

  2. I think wounded figures would be useful too, for rescue kind missions!