Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Scene Wasteland Warriors

Here are some nice pictures of latest releases from The Scene which are available now. These post-apocalyptic Wasteland Warriors will be available on foot in packs of 10 (5 different scuplts) for £3.65 and ride some futuristic looking bikes. Wasteland rough riders like the one pictured above will be available for £1.25 each. These are some nice looking additional inhabitants to the 15mm post-apocalyptic landscape!


  1. Thaks for posting these, Matt-I've just sent off an order to The Scene.....just my luck! I'll order in the New Year. I like the castings from this company.

  2. Great figures. They make for good wasteland raiders and could also easily be used as aliens with a non-human paint job.

    Now that he's got the originals retooled, I wonder if he'll consider expanding the line to include some more, non-crouching poses as well as some bike or even buggy options. A bike with no guns and a sidecar platform could be cool.

  3. If someone here gets their grubby hands on these I'd love to see a photo alongside some post-apoc humans. Thanks!