Friday, 2 December 2011 Announces Holiday Special

Jolly, froggy space pirates want to come live with you!
Free packs are back for the holidays! Check out this offer from Great time to pick up some civilians or characters for your 15mm scifi or to bulk up those armies of minions and henchmen.
Hello Everyone,

This month we are offering you a FREE PACK of miniatures worth £4.00 with any order placed. Choose from our Laserburn, HOF, SHM, HOT, TTF, Isarus, Medus, Altuos or Potomac ranges. Great for beginning or expanding your 15mm gaming!

Note that we will only honour an order with ONE free pack in it but you may place as many orders as you wish. Additionally though you are free to order other items from our site at the same time you do not have to. Indeed if you only want the free pack just put that in your cart, select your shipping region and pay on the postage.

This offer is open until the end of December 2011.

Want Something for Nothing? You Got It!

Thanks for Reading,
Alexander Scott.

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