Saturday, 10 December 2011

A Christmas Gift from ArtCrime Productions

ArtCrime Productions brought us an idea that we couldn't pass up.  Jimbo wants the 15mm community to see that ArtCrime is as dedicated to producing the best available rules as well as their excellent miniatures range.  As an exclusive gift to Dropship Horizon's followers, he has provided a free copy of their Valkyrie rulebook!

Jimbo warns that these rules are still technically in beta form, so the book is still missing some of the final artwork and army lists.  But this is far from a rough draft.  This version of Valkyrie offers a great look into their Kaczar setting, and features full army lists for their Nationalists, Federalists, and Makat, and four different scenarios that are ready to play.

UPDATE - Mediafire apparently had some nasty popups that didn't
come through when I first posted this.  I've moved the file over to
for safety - click here to download.

Jimbo told us that he couldn't think of a smarter group of 15mm gamers than Dropship Horizon's readers.  And let's face it, we're suckers for that kind of flattery.  So please give them a read, try out a couple games, and join us at the ArtCrime Productions Forums to discuss your results.  




    I have been trying to scratch together enough of an order to get these from them (to use with Heavy Gear minis). I love these guys.

  2. Wow! This is quite a gift. I can't wait to get reading and play testing. OK, OK, I'll go to my work christmas party tonight instead, I guess. But right after that...

    Tell Jimbo thanks from all of us, please.

  3. Sweet !! Look forward to reading the rules and giving them a try.

  4. I have read those rules and they seem very well constructed, streamlined and quite elegant even.

    Thanks a lot ACP. Merry Christmas!

  5. A very classy move, ACP! Than you and merry christmas!